How to Make a 健康y Smoothie

Smoothies are popular for good reason. 旋转的健康, 把所有的食材放在搅拌机里,可以给你带来丰富的营养,既美味又方便.

营养师乔丹·斯皮瓦克来自 西布里纪念医院 说, “当你在家里用满足你营养需求和口味偏好的食材自己做的时候, smoothies are a great way to get protein, 纤维和其他营养物质.”

Here are tips for choosing protein powders, 水果, veggies and other ingredients, 无论你是自己制作冰沙还是在冰沙店订购.

What should I put in a smoothie?

斯皮瓦克说:“冰沙的伟大之处在于它的多功能性. There are hundreds of different smoothie recipes. For starters, she recommends combining:

  • 蛋白质, such as a commercial protein powder, 希腊酸奶(蛋白质含量比普通酸奶高)或坚果酱
  • 水果, including berries, mango, bananas and avocado
  • 绿色比如菠菜或甘蓝
  • A 液体基础 such as dairy or plant-based milk, water or fruit juice

All types of blenders can work well for smoothie-making. You can use a large-capacity kitchen blender, a personal mini blender or a stick blender that comes with its own cup.


蛋白质 smoothie recipes often contain protein powder, and Spivak 说 protein is an important part of a nutritious smoothie. “蛋白质 builds and maintains muscle mass, and can help to keep you feeling full and satisfied,她说。.

选择一种蛋白粉可能会让人望而生畏:超市和健康食品商店的货架上摆满了不同的蛋白质来源, 口味和格式, 一般来说, 它们并不便宜.

How do you find a protein powder that works for you? 以下是一些注意事项.


由于蛋白粉是一种加工食品,所以仔细阅读标签很重要. “如果你有 食物过敏因此,仔细检查补充剂的成分是必要的,”斯皮瓦克说.

“你还可以发现混合物中含有多少蛋白质和碳水化合物,以及是否含有添加糖, 人造香料或任何你个人可能因为过敏或不耐受而想要避免的东西, 比如奶制品或大豆.”



乳清是生产奶酪等乳制品的液体副产品. 将这种液体干燥后,剩下的蛋白质可以制成粉末和调味.

蛋白质s are made up of building-block molecules called amino acids. 一种氨基酸叫做 亮氨酸. “乳清蛋白比其他蛋白质补充来源含有更多的亮氨酸,”她解释说.

Leucine helps the body several ways, including:

  • Providing energy to the muscles during exercise
  • Helping create new proteins that build muscle
  • 支持组织愈合



Using whey protein as directed is generally safe, 但如果你有乳制品或其他动物蛋白不耐受的病史, you may experience undesirable side effects such as:

  • 胃不舒服
  • Increased frequency of bowel movements
  • 痤疮
  • 口渴
  • 疲劳
  • 腹胀
  • 头痛

If you experience any of these side effects, stop using the powder and check in with your doctor or dietitian.


Vegans can choose from a range of plant-based protein powders. Pea protein powder is one example. Other ingredients may include seeds, brown rice, soy or hemp.

“Most plant proteins are not as easily absorbed by the body,斯皮瓦克说, but of the vegetable-based protein sources, pea protein is the one she recommends.

Other Sources for 蛋白质 Smoothies

Here are some add-ons to boost the protein content of your smoothie:


酸奶是一种经典的奶昔成分,但成分和口味各不相同. Some yogurt products are dessert-level sweet, 所以斯皮瓦克说,检查标签,选择那些添加糖含量较低的饮料,以获得更健康的奶昔.

斯皮瓦克更喜欢希腊酸奶,因为它能使奶昔富含益生菌(支持肠道健康的健康细菌)和蛋白质. 冰岛酸奶或任何希腊酸奶都是你可以在杂货店找到的两种高蛋白酸奶.

素食主义者也可以选择,其中一些既提供益生菌,又很好吃. 尝试用杏仁、腰果、椰子、大豆或其他非乳制品制成的酸奶.


富含蛋白质, 健康的脂肪, 卡路里和味道, 在冰沙中加入花生酱或其他坚果酱可以让你有饱腹感和满足感.


For those with peanut allergies or sensitivity, Spivak 说 sunflower seed butter can be a tasty substitute. 同样的, ground flaxseeds are another good source of protein, with added benefits of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and fiber.

How much protein should you put in a smoothie? Is there such a thing as too much?

“蛋白质 requirements differ from person to person,斯皮瓦克说. “When you’re using a prepared protein powder, the serving guidelines on the label, 比如一两个勺子, 是一个好的起点吗.”

她指出,有某些健康状况的人可能需要比平均水平更多或更少的蛋白质. 还记得, in addition to protein powder, 其他项目,如种子, nut butter and Greek yogurt can also up the protein content.

“For a better estimate of how much protein is best for you, 咨询营养师,他们会考虑到你的整体健康和营养目标,她说。.

健康y Choices for 水果 Smoothie Recipes

把整个水果放在搅拌机里搅拌果汁,果汁中含有浓缩的糖和更少的纤维. 斯皮瓦克说,水果富含类黄酮(赋予水果颜色的天然化合物),具有抗氧化剂的作用, reducing inflammation and supporting cellular health.

“Each fruit or vegetable offers something unique in terms of nutrients, so feel free to mix them up and get variety in your smoothie,她说。.


  • Raspberries, blueberries and strawberries 无论是新鲜的还是冷冻的,都富含维生素和纤维,并增加了吸引人的颜色和味道.
  • 香蕉 含有钾和一种叫菊粉的纤维,能让你有饱腹感和满足感.
  • 芒果 are delicious, and supply plenty of fiber and vitamin A.
  • 鳄梨 (严格来说是一种水果)可以给冰沙带来甘甜、奶油般的口感,同时还可以添加纤维. 对于素食主义者来说,牛油果是酸奶的替代品.

“It should be noted that fruit contains carbohydrates, which can impact blood sugar levels, 因此,最好向营养师咨询碳水化合物的摄入量最适合你的个人营养需求,斯皮瓦克建议道.



  • 胡萝卜 are a classic choice for delicious sweetness, 吸引人的颜色和维生素A, especially when combined with fresh ginger.
  • 黄瓜 帮助你保持水分,并为夏季奶昔添加清爽的蔬菜.
  • 甜菜 add color, minerals and natural sweetness.
  • 菜花 tends to take on the flavors of whatever it’s combined with, so it can add fiber and vitamins you won’t even notice. 使用冷冻花椰菜可以让你的冰沙冰凉清爽.
  • 熟红薯 can turn a smoothie into a rich, creamy, vitamin-rich delight.

Recipe: Nut Butter and Banana Smoothie


  • 2 tablespoons of peanut, almond or sunflower butter
  • 1个冷冻或新鲜香蕉
  • 1 scoop of vanilla or chocolate protein powder
  • 半杯香草希腊酸奶(或香草椰子酸奶作为乳制品的替代品)
  • 一杯液体基础(水或牛奶/牛奶替代品,如杏仁奶或腰果奶)——“我最喜欢杏仁奶,斯皮瓦克说.)
  • 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed
  • 一些冰块

每份的营养成分:482卡路里,41克碳水化合物,37.4克蛋白质,22.3克脂肪. 注意:营养成分会根据使用的品牌、数量和成分类型而有所不同.


绿色冰沙很容易, 获取维生素的好方法, minerals and fiber of fresh greens into your diet. “To add an extra serving of veggies to any smoothie, add in a bunch of kale or spinach to get some extra micronutrients,她建议道。.

斯皮瓦克说,在绿色冰沙食谱中加入菠菜或羽衣甘蓝并不意味着它们最终尝起来像泥沙拉. “当你将一把绿叶蔬菜与水果和其他成分混合在一起时, a green smoothie can be delicious.

“Spinach is a good choice to start with. It adds the green color, but has a mild flavor and lots of nutrients. Kale tends to be more fibrous in texture, 但如果你仔细搅拌,它在冰沙中是非常棒的,她说。.


  • 芝麻菜
  • 羽衣甘蓝
  • 甜菜
  • 麦草



  • 一杯冷冻混合浆果
  • A generous handful of spinach (frozen or fresh)
  • 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder
  • 半杯香草希腊酸奶(或香草椰子酸奶作为乳制品的替代品)
  • 一杯基础液体(水或牛奶/牛奶替代品,如杏仁或腰果奶)
  • 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed
  • 一些冰块

营养 facts per one serving: 303 calories, 35.8克碳水化合物,30.4克蛋白质,6.8克脂肪. 注意:营养成分会根据使用的品牌、数量和成分类型而有所不同.


While smoothies are often associated with breakfast, Spivak notes that they can serve as a fast, nutritious meal replacement or a healthy snack. 斯皮瓦克指出,最好咨询营养师,确保你的冰沙食谱和营养成分符合你的个人健康目标.

“If you make a big smoothie in a large-capacity blender, 你可以把它分成小份,冷冻或冷藏起来,这样当你在旅途中需要一些快速营养的燃料时就可以吃了.

“Also, smoothie ingredients are easy to keep on hand. 冷冻水果和蔬菜可以保存很长时间,并且在它们的高峰期被冷冻, so they are very high quality in terms of vitamins, 矿物质和其他营养素.”


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